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Case Study: Southlake DPS North Training Center

Case Study: Southlake DPS North Training Center

The DPS North Training Center in Southlake, Texas, is an opulent masonry structure that helps continue the town’s mission of reducing crime and increasing public safety.

In 1997, the City of Southlake, Texas, established the Crime Control and Prevention District (CCPD) as a resource for reducing crime, increasing public safety and improving quality of life for its residents. CCPD continued its mission in 2013 by opening the Southlake DPS North Training Facility. The facility is a nearly 30,000-square-foot campus that provides emergency response and serves as the training facility for the next wave of police officers and firefighters.

dsc_2957-copyComplete with a firing range, police and fire departments, a medical center, an auditorium and classrooms, Southlake DPS North Training Facility is truly a masonry marvel that features intricate alternating courses of recessed bricks of various colors, along with stacked bond arches large enough to accommodate fire engines. In addition, cast stone panels and a cast stone cornice were used to accent doors, windows and walls.

Construction of the building spanned two years, tapping contractor Lee Lewis Construction Co. Artisan Masonry Inc. applied nearly 160,000 modular bricks and more than 22,000 concrete masonry units with Mason Mix Portland Lime Type N (PLN) Mortar (172 3,000-pound bags and 101 80-pound bags) in two custom shades of brown. Mason Mix Portland Lime Type S (PLS) Mortar (68 3,000-pound bags) in gray also was used. Both mortars are from QUIKRETE.

The use of a bulk mortar silo system minimized construction waste on the job, which helped the Southlake DPS North Training Facility to secure U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy & Environment Design (LEED) recognition. QUIKRETE’s Mason Mix (Types S, N, and M) is a high-strength, commercial-grade, dry pre-blended mixture of sand and cements specially designed for building and reinforcing walls made of brick, block or stone. It meets the requirements of ASTM C270 types S, N or M.

QUIKRETE’s Core-Fill Grout is a properly proportioned mixture of Portland cement, graded sand, and other ingredients designed to provide a flowable grout requiring only the addition of water. It’s available in coarse or fine versions. The project required 196 3,000-pound bags of Core Fill Grout.

“This facility helps the city keep a promise of enhanced safety and security for our residents,” says City Manager Shana Yelverton.

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