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Adding brick veneer around an arched alcove

The art of adding brick veneer around an arched alcove

The archway. Nothing gives your room a dramatic look quite like an arched alcove. The design works on doorways, walkways, bookshelves (enter your project here). Now, think about what this archway will look like after adding brick veneer around an arched alcove.

If you don’t want all of the work and cost that comes with real brick, you can always use brick veneer

Now you get the picture. Nothing adds a touch of class and sophistication like brick. So, if you are looking to take your arched alcove up another notch, think brick.

Following are some guidelines you can use to make your project of adding brick veneer around an arched alcove happen:

Step 1
Before adding brick veneer around an arched alcove, cut the bricks that you will need to size for the main wall. Because the arched alcove is going to be the hardest area for you to reach, this should be the first item on your to-do list.

Step 2
After you cut the brick veneer that you need, apply the mastic to the main wall area. Place the first set of bricks up to the edge of the bricks and extend them past the corner from the first part, beginning at the bottom.

Step 3
When you near the bottom of the arch, place notched brick in place on the last inside row. Next, set a corner brick at the end of the arch. For the bricks that must go around the arch, draw a line that you can use as a guide.

Step 4
Place the next flat brick over the corner brick, and then mark where it must be cut to fit the space. Set the marked brick down and place the next brick on top of it. Make the angled cuts on the bricks with a wet saw and set the angled cut bricks on the wall.

Step 5
Apply mastic to the area. At the beginning arch where you installed the angled brick, set the first corner brick. Allow some space for the mortar joint. Repeat the process across the inside of the arch.

Step 6
Set some bricks vertically along the top, which will help you know when the columns should end.

Step 7
To finish side walls, begin from the bottom again by applying mastic. Notch the bricks with the tile nippers where needed to make them fit. Now you should be ready to grout the veneer.

Step 8
Next, place whole bricks up the side horizontally until you reach the top. You can adjust the spacing for the mortar joints. Repeat on the side. Apply the mastic across the top and set the vertical bricks. Adjust the spacing after all the bricks are in place along the top.

Step 9
Add your pattern. Continue to work the pattern with whole and cut pieces of brick. For areas that aren’t big enough to spread mastic, you can apply it to the back of each brick one at a time.

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