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Importance of a Well-Drained Masonry Wall

New Industry Insights from Mortar Net

This Pro Masonry Guide Product Showcase is brought to you by Mortar Net Solutions, the industry leader in moisture management solutions for masonry walls.

Importance of a Well-Drained Masonry Wall

Importance of a Well-Drained Masonry Wall

No masonry is truly waterproof. Drainage in the cavity of a masonry veneer wall is necessary to minimize moisture damage and create a long-lasting, low-maintenance wall. Drying of the wall by promoting ventilation within the cavity is very important.

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LathNetLathNet™ is a patented drainage plane and metal lath system for adhered masonry veneers

LathNet™ is designed for use with stucco, thin brick, thin stone and other types of adhered masonry. It is a factory-assembled combination of a polyester mesh drainage plane and G-60 expanded metal lath that provides a continuous drainage and ventilation plane between the lath and weather-resistant barrier to promote rapid drainage and drying. LathNet allows for faster installation and fewer wall penetrations versus installing a drainage plane and lath separately and is 100% made and assembled in the USA.

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TotalFlashDesigning an Adhered Masonry Veneer

Weather-resistant barriers are commonly found on residential and light commercial construction projects. This article provides insight on how to properly select the correct material for your next project.

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