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2017 Hardscaping Trends

Paving the way to an outdoor retreat By Dawn Henning  With the arrival of warmer weather comes the urge to flock to home and garden shows and home improvement stores. Visitation to blogs and social bookmarking sites, such as Pinterest, skyrockets from those seeking products and ideas for creating or improving outdoor spaces for year-round [...]

Atlanta’s Suntrust Park Uses Precast Double-Tees

Home of the Atlanta Braves, SunTrust Park incorporates structural precast double-tees components from Metromont. The Cumberland District of Cobb County, Ga., is home to Atlanta’s new SunTrust Park, home of the Atlanta Braves and playground for families to experience America’s Pastime. As expected, finding a place for all those fans to park their cars was a [...]

Replacing Spalled Bricks on a Chimney

Chimney bricks experience the wrath of all seasons, so replacing spalled bricks on a chimney is a worthy skill to have. By Brian Estill Bricks are like sponges. We all know that. So why do we think it’s not important to waterproof bricks with a sealant? Equally troublesome is the belief that masonry is maintenance free [...]

Tile Installation at the Dean Smith Center at UNC

University of North Carolina Tar Heels’ locker room renovation turns heads and tile installation at the Dean Smith Center was a prominent part of the overall project. For the University of North Carolina (UNC) Tar Heels men’s basketball team, the Dean Smith Center isn’t just an arena where games are played. The venue, and its locker rooms, [...]

City Hall Selects Indiana Limestone

Indiana Limestone sills, window heads, watertables and a jack arch add a new façade to Tipton’s City Hall. The City Hall building in Tipton, Ind., recently underwent an exterior remodel. The fresh look of the new façade incorporates red brick with limestone sills, window heads, watertables and a jack arch above the main entryway. Full-bed-depth [...]

Green Building – The Sustainability of Brick

In Technical Note 48, the Brick Industry Association presents an assessment of sustainability and sustainable design in relation to brick manufacturing, use and recycling.  Find here all you need to know about the sustainability of brick. “Sustainable design” is a term that has entered the vernacular of building design and construction. As more buildings are designed [...]

Project Profile: Garden Center in California

Driwall Rainscreen offers drying and drainage for Santa Barbara’s popular tourist spot. Santa Barbara, Calif., is known for its mountain views and long stretches of pristine beaches. Tourists from around the world choose Santa Barbara as their vacation destination. The weather is perfect, and the views are appealing all around. One great spot to explore [...]

An Education in Architectural Cast Stone

Architectural cast stone is a quality masonry product simulating natural stone. By Jan Boyer If it looks like stone and is a manufactured concrete product, then it must be cast stone, right? No, not true. The product could be cast stone or one of a number of other products, including adhered manufactured stone masonry veneer [...]

Benefits of building with clay bricks

Brick: It’s what gives your home a timeless, good look. FInd here all the great benefits of building with clay bricks. Clay brick will give your new home authentic, timeless beauty from the moment the brick is laid. Everyone who’s ever pulled up to a stately brick home understands its immediate curb appeal. It’s little wonder, [...]

6 Solid Reasons to Choose Brick

Masonry is the way to go, but can you argue that point easily? The Brick Industry Association lays out six ironclad reasons for choosing brick.

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