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Keene Sound Control Mat Helps Stop the Noise

A New Jersey multi-unit living space benefits from a sound control mat. With an increased demand of apartment spaces all across the country, the trend of converting buildings that were once used as factories or warehouses into apartments has picked up steam. Parkway Lofts in Bloomfield, N.J., is this type of construction. The site was [...]

6 Things to Look for in a Masonry Mixer

Grout Hog owner Damian Lang gives advice on what to look for in a masonry mixer, and provides other mixer guidance for the mason contractor. Pro Masonry Guide recently spoke with one of the masonry industry’s true veteran masons and innovators, Damian Lang, to learn what the mason contractor should really look for in and [...]

Masonry Material Production and Delivery Chain

The big white silo and orange mortar mixer are a classic combo, but by no means is this the only possible configuration. By Todd Ferguson Driving past or working on just about any construction site in the United States, what will you usually see on the other side of the fence? If the project involves [...]

Industry Expert Addresses New Silica Regulations

New OSHA standards on silica were enforced Sept. 23. Are you ready to deal with these new silica regulations? As mason contractors begin navigating the waters of new OSHA regulations on silica dust, many questions arise. Concrete industry expert Joe Nasvik lends some digestible answers to many of contractors’ most common questions. With more than [...]

How to Build a Mossy Dry Stone Patio

Chronicling my geological walk through time By Brian Estill I recently embarked on a project that I thought would take a week, but, instead, took several: laying a mossy dry stone patio. Replacing the ugly mud in my own backyard became quite the project. Here’s how I approached it. Step 1 When I began this project [...]

The Move to Pre-Blended Mortar

Less labor, more choices: The growing dominance of pre-blended mortar is changing the mason’s business model. By Jim Cook Images courtesy of Spec Mix When Jim Doane began work as a mason, big sand piles necessary for mixing traditional mortar were a given on just about any jobsite. Today, Doane sees fewer of those sand [...]

Proper Flashing of Cavity Walls

When it comes to flashing of cavity walls, hundreds of conditions affect moisture-management product installation, and one size does not fit all. By Steven Fechino Flashing is an important part of many masonry projects. Architects are designing moisture management products into walls from Arizona to Florida, and the ability to properly install the products is [...]

Cost-Effective Ways to Build with Masonry

Many builders consider brick to be too expensive as an exterior cladding, but this misconception couldn’t be further from the truth. Find here cost-effective ways to build with masonry. By Jim Bryja When considering exterior cladding options for a project, too many builders automatically discount brick. It’s a common misconception that construction of a brick [...]

The 5 Most Common Thin Veneer Install Mistakes

Proper professional installation of thin veneer stone is crucial for the stone to work accurately. Find out what are the most common thin veneer install mistakes. By Jim O’Neill Thin veneer stone is extremely common in the building of new homes. There are many advantages to using thin veneer stone on a home, such as, [...]

2017 Hardscaping Trends

Pergolas, gazebos and pavilions are popular in today’s outdoor living. These are the 2017 hardscaping trends. By Dawn Henning  With the arrival of warmer weather comes the urge to flock to home and garden shows and home improvement stores. Visitation to blogs and social bookmarking sites, such as Pinterest, skyrockets from those seeking  the 2017 hardscaping [...]
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