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Perfecting your process in brick veneer installations

Durability and success in any project comes down to processes. When it comes to brick veneer installations, a project's success is determined by the selection of materials, the preparation, and the effort and technique you put into the process. And while brick is a durable and water-tolerant cladding material, it cannot overcome poor workmanship and [...]

Waterproofing your brick veneer installation

Bricks structures are not waterproof. They just aren't. While most people think that water cannot penetrate brick, it can – and rather easily. Structures (or projects) featuring brick veneer are even more vulnerable, mainly because they are just a facade that doesn't offer any structural support. This is especially true when using brick veneer – a [...]

Flashing for Adhered Masonry Veneer

When it comes to flashing for adhered masonry veneer, the adhered masonry veneer market offers quality products that provide superior drainage performance for thin veneers By Steven Fechino Adhered masonry veneers are a popular cladding choice today as adhered masonry materials have improved significantly during the last few years. The texture of cultured stone is [...]