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Prevent injuries with PPE

PPE or personal protective equipment — hard hats, goggles and steel-toed work boots — may not generate the same envious stares at the worksite as the latest power tool or a new pickup truck, but the right stuff can help protect you from serious injury or worse. According to a Bureau of Labor Statistics’ report, “Injuries, [...]

Heat illness prevention on the jobsite

When you work in a hot environment, your body attempts to maintain a normal temperature. The hotter it is, the harder your body has to work to stay cool. On some jobs, exposure to heat is difficult to control. The resulting heat illness and heat-related accidents can be very serious – even fatal. Both are [...]

A closer look at safety glasses

Because polycarbonate offers the best impact resistance, it is the most popular option for both prescription and non-prescription safety eyewear. Thousands of eye injuries occur on jobsites every day, and many of them could have been prevented with the proper safety glasses. There are a few different types of lenses available in safety glasses, and [...]

Hearing protection for construction workers

Employers must provide hearing protection to all workers exposed to eight-hour noise levels of 85 dBA or greater at no charge to the employee. Work-related hearing loss is a critical workplace issue, with an estimated 30 million workers, including construction workers, exposed to high levels of noise and the potential for permanent hearing loss. In [...]

How to give concrete texture, pattern and color

Garage floors can be stained or covered with a durable epoxy finish. The concrete texture, pattern and color available today for floors has nothing in common with the low-budget gray slabs of the past. An explosion of color, texturing and aggregate choices offer an attractive and versatile way to create outdoor kitchens, patios, sidewalks, pool decks [...]

Tips for painting brick

Brick houses are painted for a variety of reasons. When a brick house is remodeled it might be impossible to get a brick that matches. Painting brick disguises that. Brick houses in parts of the country that are particularly damp are painted to preserve the brick. And still others are painted because the homeowner doesn’t like [...]

Choose the right fastener for the job

It can be difficult to choose the right fastener for the job. Stand in the fastener aisle of any hardware store and you are confronted with thousands of options. But understanding more about the design and manufacture of fasteners can help you choose the right fastener for just about any job. If you choose the right fastener, [...]
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