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City Hall Selects Indiana Limestone

Indiana Limestone sills, window heads, watertables and a jack arch add a new façade to Tipton’s City Hall. The City Hall building in Tipton, Ind., recently underwent an exterior remodel. The fresh look of the new façade incorporates red brick with limestone sills, window heads, watertables and a jack arch above the main entryway. Full-bed-depth [...]

Keene Rainscreen Installation Video

This informative instructional Keene Rainscreen installation video offers an overview of how to install Keene’s Rainscreen, a drainage and ventilation mat used in masonry applications. Technique is explained along with surface considerations.

Figuring and Building a Brick Arch Template

Preparing and building a brick arch template in the field will allow you to add an opulent feature to an otherwise simple brick veneer. By Steven Fechino As construction grows busier, the opportunity for creative masonry installations increases and can allow for projects to have more decorative features. These include corbels, quoins and arches. Arches [...]

Driwall Rainscreen offers drainage to the Garden Center

Driwall Rainscreen offers drying and drainage for Santa Barbara’s popular tourist spot. Santa Barbara, Calif., is known for its mountain views and long stretches of pristine beaches. Tourists from around the world choose Santa Barbara as their vacation destination. The weather is perfect, and the views are appealing all around. One great spot to explore [...]

Determining a Unit Price for Masonry

Most masons will likely need to figure real costs for work to be done. Here’s how to determine a unit price for masonry. Being a mason contractor requires many skills. You have to estimate projects, maintain equipment, provide material and labor, and collect your money. Estimating, for some masons, has become easy. When a project [...]

Brickmatching Basics

Old brick is something to treasure, but matching it for an expansion or repair may seem a daunting task. With these helpful brickmatching basics, you can match older brick successfully. By Don Foster Never compromise with a poor match. The goal when repairing or expanding a masonry structure is to have it look just like the [...]

Building a Custom Memorial Site in Record Time

Building a custom memorial site  in record time to honoring the memory of a fallen Florida officer. Deputy Sheriff Jonathan Scott Pine had been with the Orange County, Fla., sheriff’s office for two years when he responded to a call of multi-car break-ins on Feb. 10, 2014. A plastic template was created from the scanned image [...]

‘Best in Class’ Intermediate School 230Q Annex

BIA Award Winner decoratively uses contextually appropriate new clay brick. Since 1989, the Brick Industry Association (BIA) has sponsored one of the country's most prestigious architectural award programs – the Brick in Architecture Awards. As the only national association to represent both manufacturers and distributors, BIA is the authority in the clay brick industry. The Brick [...]

Differentiating Anchoring Systems for Brick Veneer Walls

Since anchoring systems for brick veneer walls do not all function alike, some basic types of anchors and their functionalities are outlined. By Jeremy Douglas Anchoring systems for brick veneer walls come in a multitude of shapes and styles, but it is important to recognize that they do not all function alike. Various types of [...]

Time Management Form for Mason Contractors

As mason contractors, time does not seem to be on our side. How often do you finish a job with time to spare? Never? This time management form for mason contractors can help you. By Steven Fechino When it comes to computing billings that have bid tasks and extra tasks in the same invoice, it [...]
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