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Concrete Masonry and Hurricanes: Keeping You Safer

When it comes to concrete masonry and hurricanes, ask yourself what type of structure do you want surrounding you and your loved ones in the midst of a hurricane or tropical storm? In a report from the Masonry Association of Florida (, strong arguments were made against wood-frame construction and for the strong security of concrete masonry [...]

How to Build a Mossy Dry Stone Patio

Chronicling my geological walk through time By Brian Estill I recently embarked on a project that I thought would take a week, but, instead, took several: laying a mossy dry stone patio. Replacing the ugly mud in my own backyard became quite the project. Here’s how I approached it. Step 1 When I began this project [...]

Construction Contract Agreement: I Agreed to Do What?

By Timothy R. Hughes Subcontractors often sign a construction contract agreement without having a full idea of what they are signing.  Incorporated documents, standards and codes can present increased risk. Seeing only a portion of the overall design documents and then bidding on a subcontract scope is risky and can open you up to liability. [...]

Safety concerns for temporary construction workers

Because they usually have the best control of hazards at the jobsite, employers should provide workplace-specific training. A contractor is awarded a great remodeling project but its crews are already working overtime hours. Not quite ready to hire full time employees, it turns to a staffing agency for the additional temporary construction workers they need. Hiring [...]

Construction Estimates: Get It in Writing

Award-winning mason contractor Fred Campbell has learned a lot during his long career in masonry, including one lesson about construction estimates he learned the hard way. By Jennifer Morrell If you’ve paid attention, you probably already know about Fred Campbell, a two-time winner of the Spec Mix BRICKLAYER 500 World Championship (2013 and 2015), which […]

Driwall Rainscreen Installation Video

Here is a new Driwall™ Rainscreen installation video from construction instruction on how to install the full-wall product on your exterior walls. Driwall™ Rainscreen is a drainage mat for exterior wall systems. The airspace that this product creates increases airflow through the wall cavity, allowing the wall to breath and stay dry.

Proper Flashing of Cavity Walls

When it comes to flashing of cavity walls, hundreds of conditions affect moisture-management product installation, and one size does not fit all. By Steven Fechino Flashing is an important part of many masonry projects. Architects are designing moisture management products into walls from Arizona to Florida, and the ability to properly install the products is [...]

Cost-Effective Ways to Build with Masonry

Many builders consider brick to be too expensive as an exterior cladding, but this misconception couldn’t be further from the truth. Find here cost-effective ways to build with masonry. By Jim Bryja When considering exterior cladding options for a project, too many builders automatically discount brick. It’s a common misconception that construction of a brick [...]

The Remedy for ‘Sunken Step Syndrome’

The ugly sunken step affects millions of households, but it can be fixed, step by step. Here is the remedy for ‘sunken step syndrome’. By Brian Estill  It’s a common problem here in Louisville, Ky. I see it all the time, and it can prevent you from selling a house or, worse, get you sued [...]

The 5 Most Common Thin Veneer Install Mistakes

Proper professional installation of thin veneer stone is crucial for the stone to work accurately. Find out what are the most common thin veneer install mistakes. By Jim O’Neill Thin veneer stone is extremely common in the building of new homes. There are many advantages to using thin veneer stone on a home, such as, [...]
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