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Industry Expert Addresses New Silica Regulations

New OSHA standards on silica were enforced Sept. 23. Are you ready to deal with these new silica regulations? As mason contractors begin navigating the waters of new OSHA regulations on silica dust, many questions arise. Concrete industry expert Joe Nasvik lends some digestible answers to many of contractors’ most common questions. With more than [...]

Read Between the Lines

A mason lends advice on selecting the right job, bidding and obtaining help. By Michael J. Pallerino Read between the lines.” Sounds like pretty simple advice, right? Ask Brian Estill, and he’ll tell you it’s the kind of recommendation every mason should take to heart. On a recent job, Estill began hearing those four little […]

Gaining Control of Masonry Wall Systems

Expand your bid package by looking for opportunities beyond brick and mortar By Jeremy Douglas Are you missing out on providing a critical component of masonry wall systems? The specific application of a building’s air barrier system seems often to remain a mystery to many mason contractors. Understanding wall systems’ purposes and their critical interfaces to […]

Do You Have a Succession Plan?

By Damian Lang You’ve worked hard your entire life, and maybe retirement is on the horizon. But how will you make that transition? I can tell you this: Building a successful construction company isn’t enough. You have to have a succession (continuation) plan to keep it prospering without you. With no succession plan, you may […]

Crank-Up Scaffolding Safety

Crank-up scaffolding safety reaches new levels, when a few simple rules are applied. By Jim Cook Crank-up scaffolding gives masons a game-changing opportunity to work more efficiently, but you should always practice safety to avoid accidents and OSHA fines. Crank-up scaffolding may be the perfect scaffold solution for masons. Because crank-up scaffolding doesn’t require masons […]

Concrete Masonry and Hurricanes: Keeping You Safer

When it comes to concrete masonry and hurricanes, ask yourself what type of structure do you want surrounding you and your loved ones in the midst of a hurricane or tropical storm? In a report from the Masonry Association of Florida (, strong arguments were made against wood-frame construction and for the strong security of concrete masonry [...]

How to Build a Mossy Dry Stone Patio

Chronicling my geological walk through time By Brian Estill I recently embarked on a project that I thought would take a week, but, instead, took several: laying a mossy dry stone patio. Replacing the ugly mud in my own backyard became quite the project. Here’s how I approached it. Step 1 When I began this project [...]

Construction Contract Agreement: I Agreed to Do What?

By Timothy R. Hughes Subcontractors often sign a construction contract agreement without having a full idea of what they are signing.  Incorporated documents, standards and codes can present increased risk. Seeing only a portion of the overall design documents and then bidding on a subcontract scope is risky and can open you up to liability. [...]

Construction Estimates: Get It in Writing

Award-winning mason contractor Fred Campbell has learned a lot during his long career in masonry, including one lesson about construction estimates he learned the hard way. By Jennifer Morrell If you’ve paid attention, you probably already know about Fred Campbell, a two-time winner of the Spec Mix BRICKLAYER 500 World Championship (2013 and 2015), which […]

Proper Flashing of Cavity Walls

When it comes to flashing of cavity walls, hundreds of conditions affect moisture-management product installation, and one size does not fit all. By Steven Fechino Flashing is an important part of many masonry projects. Architects are designing moisture management products into walls from Arizona to Florida, and the ability to properly install the products is [...]
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