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Figuring and Building a Brick Arch Template

Preparing and building a brick arch template in the field will allow you to add an opulent feature to an otherwise simple brick veneer. By Steven Fechino As construction grows busier, the opportunity for creative masonry installations increases and can allow for projects to have more decorative features. These include corbels, quoins and arches. Arches [...]

Green Building – The Sustainability of Brick

In Technical Note 48, the Brick Industry Association presents an assessment of sustainability and sustainable design in relation to brick manufacturing, use and recycling.  Find here all you need to know about the sustainability of brick. “Sustainable design” is a term that has entered the vernacular of building design and construction. As more buildings are designed [...]

Message to Congress: Enact Trump’s Infrastructure Measure

Call to enact Trump’s Infrastructure Measure would help boost demand for construction. Construction spending slipped from December to January – but increased modestly from a year ago – as private construction grew solidly but public infrastructure outlays tumbled, says the Associated General Contractors of America (AGC). Association officials say the January data indicates the need [...]

First award for women in the stone industry

Brenda Edwards received the first award for women in the stone industry at the MIA+BSI Awards Luncheon at TISE in January. Brenda Edwards, owner and general manager of TexaStone Quarries in Garden City, Texas, is the recipient of the Women in Stone Pioneer Award, the first award for women in the stone industry. In a [...]

Project Profile: Garden Center in California

Driwall Rainscreen offers drying and drainage for Santa Barbara’s popular tourist spot. Santa Barbara, Calif., is known for its mountain views and long stretches of pristine beaches. Tourists from around the world choose Santa Barbara as their vacation destination. The weather is perfect, and the views are appealing all around. One great spot to explore [...]

Business Risks for Mason Contractors

By Timothy Hughes The new administration of President Trump has ushered in a dramatic change in tone toward immigration policy. It is an understatement to say we are not certain about where immigration law and policy are going in the next several years. What is clear is that dramatic changes in immigration policy and enforcement [...]

An Closer Look at the Ox Tools 48-Inch Trade Wood Mason Level

By Daniel Elms Quality carpentry and masonry work require level and plumb lines. Derek Nichelson recently gave you a short history of the bubble, or spirit, level and said, “When you’ve got a good thing going, why stop it?” The Ox Tools 48-Inch Trade Wood Mason Level is a laminated bamboo box level. Bamboo is increasingly popular, because it [...]

Implementing Building Information Modeling in Masonry

All you need to know about implementing Building Information Modeling in masonry By Adrian Siverson Building Information Modeling (BIM) is a topic on the tips of many tongues in the construction industry. But did you know that BIM can be implemented in masonry, offering value to the mason contractor? Here is all you need to know [...]

An Education in Architectural Cast Stone

Architectural cast stone is a quality masonry product simulating natural stone. By Jan Boyer If it looks like stone and is a manufactured concrete product, then it must be cast stone, right? No, not true. The product could be cast stone or one of a number of other products, including adhered manufactured stone masonry veneer [...]

Benefits of building with clay bricks

Brick: It’s what gives your home a timeless, good look. FInd here all the great benefits of building with clay bricks. Clay brick will give your new home authentic, timeless beauty from the moment the brick is laid. Everyone who’s ever pulled up to a stately brick home understands its immediate curb appeal. It’s little wonder, [...]
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