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How to install brick veneer

Brick veneer provides the same beauty and appearance as traditional bricks, but it is actually more durable, is easier to repair and provides better insulation. Plus, brick veneer generally costs far less than solid brick. Here is how to install brick veneer. There are basically two types of brick veneer: anchored and adhered. An anchored […]

How to remove efflorescence stains from brick

Efflorescence, that white stain that appears on brick, is caused as salt and lime dissolve in the water in the brick, particularly in new bricks. Here is how to remove efflorescence stains from brick.

Tips for replacing spalling bricks

Spalling brick is brick that is deteriorating because moisture has penetrated the brick. When the water is too much for the brick to handle, the brick breaks apart or spalls. Here are some tips for replacing spalling bricks. There are several causes for spalling brick. If you live in a cold area the porous surface of […]

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