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Hearing protection for construction workers

Work-related hearing loss is a critical workplace issue, with an estimated 30 million workers, including construction workers, exposed to high levels of noise and the potential for permanent hearing loss. In construction industry studies, 44 percent of carpenters and 48 percent of plumbers reported hearing loss. Here’s all you need to know about hearing protection […]

How to give concrete texture, pattern and color

The concrete texture, pattern and color available today for floors has nothing in common with the low-budget gray slabs of the past. An explosion of color, texturing and aggregate choices offer an attractive and versatile way to create outdoor kitchens, patios, sidewalks, pool decks or garden rooms. Concrete can be finished with an infinite variety of […]

Tips for painting brick

Brick houses are painted for a variety of reasons. When a brick house is remodeled it might be impossible to get a brick that matches. Painting brick disguises that. Brick houses in parts of the country that are particularly damp are painted to preserve the brick. And still others are painted because the homeowner doesn’t like […]

Choose the right fastener for the job

It can be difficult to choose the right fastener for the job. Stand in the fastener aisle of any hardware store and you are confronted with thousands of options. But understanding more about the design and manufacture of fasteners can help you choose the right fastener for just about any job. If you choose the right fastener, […]

Locating structural concrete foundation problems

Before you begin a remodeling project on a basement, carefully inspect the foundation for any sign of structural concrete foundation problems. Look at a concrete foundation from inside and outside to tell if it’s plumb and level. Slight variations are normal, but foundation walls should not be visibly bowed or leaning.  Check all doors and windows; […]

How to lay a brick patio

Lavish outdoor living spaces are very popular with homeowners, and many of them begin with a brick patio, often large and multi-leveled. To ensure these outdoor additions deliver the luxury and quality homeowners want, many are having the work done by professionals. Here’s how to lay a brick patio and provide your customers with a […]

Working with wet cement

More than 1 million American workers in 30 occupations are exposed to the dangers of wet cement, a component in concrete, mortar, plaster, stucco and terrazzo. Masonry workers lose 2.5 times more work days due to skin problems than the national average and concrete workers lose 7 times the average. Unfortunately, too often the hazards […]

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